Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Surf Report: Free Your Mind

Nothing can compare to the happiness of listening to new Ska tuneage as you check out a new sweet surf spot. First I'd like to thank the heck outta Harlan. Once again you've given me some swoony tunes with the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. I'd also like to thank who ever is secretly funding the massive Rezzable sims for they have given us more options for surfications spotacular yumgasmness.

Introducing Surfline Epic Rezzable, Surfline Aloha Rezzable, Surfline Hang10 Rezzable, and coming soon... Surfline Wave Rezzable. Each sim is completely different with the main focus on nice waves to put a smile on any surfer's face. I visited each one and here's my opinions on each.

Surfline Epic Rezzable - Nothing completely extraordinary build-wise. There are a few vendors but nothing that totally impressed me to purchase. Waves are sweet though.

Surfline Aloha Rezzable - More Windward side of O'ahu/rain forest oriented. Complete with tiki statues & nice cozy chillaxin spots. Abandoned wooden boats & cargo line the beaches as well as small huts & piers.

Surfline Hang10 Rezzable - More cast away/rain forest oriented - there's greenery & a nice big build. Pillow Talk pillows are strategically placed throughout the island for a true Zen-like feeling. A small stream mountainside where the dragonflies play is where I found my moment of Zen. There is NO BUILD - so technically you can't surf here - yet.

Surfline Wave Rezzable - is not yet open for teleport but you can always take a peek on the big map at how it's starting to take shape.

A hui hou (Good-bye, until we meet again)

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Harlan said...

I'm glad you like TSPO. You may want to also Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnies. They're more surf rock than ska, but given the rest of your post...