Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Up-up-uP DaTe

Hawks' First Days @ KSU
Hawks really wanted college to have more of a purpose & more substance. I have to say I agree. I was hoping that even though the roleplay is fun, learning something at the same time would be kick ass. The other night after he went to bed I was working to get some of the best people I know to start teaching. Hurrah for Professors March & Burgess. Hawks has moved into the Green Hall & shares a room with a roomie he has yet to meet. lol
Since Hawks & I decided that we'd be strictly RP on KSU campus, I can't say that I wasn't a bit worried that I'd have to choke a bitch, I mean the girl to guy ratio at KSU is pretty high. Yah, he's mine. Don't make me cut you. kkthnx.
I have discontinued blogging my diaries here on the stew & moved them over to the KSU Diaries blog for my strict roleplay, rather than confuse it here.

KSU Diaries Blog
Just a little info on the writers over there, cause there are 8 of us. Of course you know me (duh), Rosie & Aka from MGG2SL, Aly Shark - long time best friend to Rosie who is just recently getting back into SL, Tiana Meriman is a friend & fellow blogger who has decided to teach Visual Arts at KSU, Bells Semyorka is a sorority pledge & freshman that lives in the Red Hall across from me, Glad Kidd is a freshman as well as Aka's roomate in the Red Hall just trying to find her place at KSU, and Arwen Hykova is a freshman, stand up comic, resident nut job bent on taking over the world. :p I'm excited about writing with all of them. It'll be a great experience. :)

JH Productions - "Stay" Video
While I wait *taps foot* on the ideas, scripts & concepts from the JH Production writers *coughs Hawks & Harlan* I've been thinking up side projects to entertain & challenge myself. Currently I'm working on the Lisa Loeb "Stay" video which won't need a casting call this time. I love making music videos, probably because I'm part of the MTV generation (when music videos were on MTV). I have a couple others in my head that will require peeps... My music videos in my head so far are:
  • Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive
  • Che'Nelle - I Fell In Love With The DJ
  • Feist - 1234
Tuesday Clockwork
It's that time again... Hawks & my sets at Clockwork in Topgol from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. SLT. This week Hawks brings you a "She Wants Violent Femmes Revenge" set with an hour of both Violent Femmes & She Wants Revenge (6-7). Then I'll be taking over from 7-8 with my Ska set & a little mini set of Reel Big Fish as requested by David. :D Don't miss it!

I'm off to school... Mwah!

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