Tuesday, November 20, 2007

“A girl without freckles is like a night without stars”

Okay I'm not so sure the title is true but it *is* a freckle quote from somebody. I know cause I googled it! So nyah! :p

Anywho, I think I'm in love with Blowpop skins, even though I haven't bought one yet. Hawks is very much into freckles and I always get his approval prior to skin purchase. The Demo I'm wearing is Mellie2-Caramel-[cranberry fizz/light coral gloss]. I like it. The eyebrows don't look bad with my pink hair, shaped just right (not to thin or penciled on - oh & tintable too), the lips are subtle & not that of a Bratz doll.

The only one thing I'm not real fond of is the cleavage line (I'm sure a true fashionista has a fancy smancy name for that - I don't) and the neck.

For some reason & it could just be me... but it looks as if I was hit in the chest by a teacher's chalky board eraser, and the neck looks too... hmm... what's the word? Bony? Defined? Out of place? Iunno. Nothing a warm snuggly turtle neck couldn't cover. I do love the make up though.

So anyroo, go checkity check out some demos for yourself at BlowPop


October Hush said...

Hmm...it's cute, but not cuter than what you have now. And the weird cleavage-highlight-line-thing would be a real turnoff for me. The neck doesn't bother me so much.

Cierra Theriac said...

I have been begging Tuli to put the freckles back in her skin. I feel nekkid without them.

Another Shop has a FREE skin that has freckles. For some reason I haven't tried it on yet. O.o I have a feeling it is light... but it was freeeeee.