Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ever have one of those days where you realize you're just not as young as you use to be? Remmy when 3-4 hours of sleep were just fine? Oh mah gah! I'm dying here. Anywho... Cawfee is nice!

So I have absolutely nothing really to blog about unless you wanna hear how my co-irker Milani & I goofed off at work last night, how my radio station here in Hawaii plays Soulja Boi way too much & Milani says "work ain't for dancing you lolo." Yah, good times, eh?

No really I have SL stuff, I swear. Here we go:

Our New Pool Table from Iron Games
This is our new 8 ball Pool Table by Iron Perth of Iron Games. It's sorta pricey at 2400L but jinkies! I am completely addicted to playing it. I think Hawks is some sort of pool shawk though. Haha! The only ONE thing I don't like about it is that you can only have up to 2 players. I think it'd be awesome if more could play, but whatev.

The [BAPFH] Belle Aire
This is a house that I fell in complete love with when Barnes was still building it in Demersal. I posted a pic on Snapzilla asking him to complete it. A week later, I got an IM and a LM. Viola! Hawks & I bought us a new home. It seems huge compared to what we use to have but honestly it's a one bedroom, 1 bath with just a ton of living space... and a game room :p We both love Barnes' houses, if you haven't checked out [BAPFH] Barnesworth Anubis Pre-fab[ulous] Homes (and furniture), you so need to.

Okay that's it for me... Jelly Out!

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alexx markova said...

hey ^^

i hope you got some rest ^^
for seeing the house its really awsome. you and hawk did an awsome job decorating it