Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's A Small World

Drama in Perspective
So I logged in to SL this morning for a whopping hour - 30 minutes of which I was afkish for because believe it or not, my RL is truly sucky right now. Within minutes I get IMs - drama this, drama that, all these people & their dramas. I'm sorry, I'm sure it's horrible for you all, but sometimes you need to take a step back & just laugh. Yes SL is a game, and yes there are real people & real feelings behind these avatars that we feel close to. Honestly though some things are just not worth getting worked up over. So pick your personal slife dramas wisely. There's laughable drama, and theres honest heartache. If some one shows up in the same dress that was released last week that you're wearing, THIS IS NOT DRAMA. So laugh damnit! It's hilarious & compliment her style, great minds think alike.

Small World - Don-cha' Know?
So like I go in for my optical appointment & come back home to casually eat my brunch while I log in to lower taxes... [sorry peeps, I know I haven't been on much to keep them lowered]. First IM I get is from a guy that has been IM'ing me since day one regarding Tiny Empires. Seriously he's not even in our family, nor has he ever been. The initial IM was because he was family shopping [wanting to change lieges & join the Madison Line] and I suppose he was interviewing potential lieges. Then he IM'd a couple times between then & now just checking in, saying hello, etc. Today's IM though was funny to me. It could be because I have so many other truely dramatic things happening in my RL that I get tickled by such IMs as... "

Madison Line Fanboy: *waves*
JellyBean Madison: Hai there :)
Madison Line Fanboy: sooooo
Madison Line Fanboy: i may be moving families again, so that made me think of you but now that i know a little more about SL, there may be one small problem, ima not really sure
JellyBean Madison: I see
Madison Line Fanboy: someone under me, you know, and maybe dislike
JellyBean Madison: and this is what... your 3rd move?
Madison Line Fanboy: well i moved one and right back to ***** that was all part of the same move really
JellyBean Madison: I don't "dislike" anyone
Madison Line Fanboy: well he said you may dislike him but he wasnt sure
JellyBean Madison: and who is "he"?

Please tell me... why I would care? "She doesn't like me!" Seriously a lot of this Tiny Empire stuff is taken so seriously that I'm sure most of these people haven't shit in over a month because their ass cheeks are cinched so tight being all stressed out & stuff. Let it go, really - it's ok. Constipation is so unhealthy. High colonic enema anyone?

Anywho, turns out I do know who he is talking about & I wouldn't say I dislike him, or that I'm going to put Bubble Yum in his hair, or greet him with a straw & spit wad armed & ready. Geez! Yes, I disliked his past behavior, and I don't care if he ends up in our family. That's so ridiculous.

Oh and while we're on the topic of people JellyBean Madison dislikes, let me give you my list of those who think they're on it but really not... kidding! Just ask, I don't bite, right Callie? :)

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HawksRock said...

You soooooo do bite... don't lie.