Monday, November 26, 2007

Lazy Daze

So my RL schedule hasn't been very nice to me. Seems like when I am inworld, Hawks & I are either catching up, or I'm standing alone somewhere drooling on my shoes wondering what I am *suppose* to be doin.

[Steph are you reading this? Stop shaking your head! :p]

The good news is YAY! In one month and 2 days I'll be going to see my Akasha in RL for a few days and taking care of some business on the mainland. A lot of things are changin' and well, sometimes we just gotta keep moving forward.

Hawks & I were hired to do a video this week & it looks like we'll be doing it tomorrow. Wuwu! Please remind me to tell Hawks that, thanks. :p [thank you Cierra & Flynn :)]

Other than that, ummm I did actually request Tuesdays off so I could go back to DJ'n, but the big boss apparently felt I should have Fri-Sat instead.

It's starting to look, smell & feel like the holidays...

Petey, Neko & Jessie

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Jenna said...

Your kitties are adorable and very lucky to have such a good home. :)))I am a kitty person too. My kitties say hi and hugs to your kitties.. Jen