Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stew Strike!

Hai Guise! Remmy me? I was trying to be on a blog strike until Hawks wrote something, but as it pans out... he has been forgiven for not getting one done today. Anywho this won't be a long post because I am just physically & emotionally drained. I just have a few things to mention...

  • Tuesday's Clockwork - Due to my RL work schedule being so very unpredictable, I will no longer be able to dj at Clockwork. I'd love to request Tuesdays off but it's very unlikely I'd get em off. So with uber sad face, I think it's only fair to everyone, that I don't try to commit.
  • Tiny Empires - Big, huge, stupendous news... At approximately 2 a.m. SLT time I ascended from Princess to Queen. We are the Kingdom of Mayhapsibly. Taxes are now a whooping 0%, enjoy poppets but know this means I am now paying your taxes to the Emperor. Special titles cost 16.9 million in gold so don't count on those to come quickly. :D Also to clarify one more thing... I just wanna make sure everyone understands... A word of caution... I have RL work, the need for sleepage, and the 0% tax only lasts 5 TE years (2 hours, 40 minutes), so it'll default to 25% when I'm offline (still lower than what you were paying) but will stay that way til I get online inworld to reset it to 0. Prior you were paying 42% for comparison purposes. Congrats family, you've earned this!
  • Missin Bean - I've got like 256466464646787874 things going on in RL at the moment that will be keeping me sorta MIA in SL but no worries. I am always reachable via IM, notecard, Yahoo, etc. Or you can always drop Hawks an IM.
P.S. Kitty & Tie, thank you so much for the beautiful hideaway day :)

That's it for me. Kissiepops & Huggles :D


Cierra Theriac said...

Congratulations, m'dear! This is beyond tiaras, you need a crown. I guess I need to to get one of those cute curtsie anims now. Is it appropriate to kiss a queen? Ah heck, Imma gonna do it anyway. *mwah!*

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Wuuuuuu! Hawks! Cierra just swept me off my feet! O.O


Gillian Waldman said...

Congrats JellyQueen <3