Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cardiac Echocardiogram Update

I was about 10 minutes late to my appointment but not cause I didn't leave with plenty of time, it's cause I have no sense of direction. Haha! My land nav skills are the sucky. Oh and because Hawaii doesn't have direct on-ramps to the freeway (we only have 3 freeways - H1, H2, H3 and a few hwys) if you get off because you realize you're going the wrong way. Let's just say I took the scenic route cause *I* wanted to see China Town. :p

The test wasn't so bad but the Tech was creeping me out in a pervy sort of way. Almost like... rubbing a KY-Jelly lubricated ball around women's exposed bewblets completely turned him on, like a fetish or something & that's why he made this his career. Blah! He had me lay on my side "to tilt your heart" and I'm like "What? My heart moves?" Haha! He said it's a "moving target". Ya learn something new everyday! [cues the "More You Know" music]

He sat down on the bed with me, his ass pressed against mine [shivers!] & I was facing a mirror so I could see me, him & the machine monitor. He lubed up his lil sonogram/ultrasound ball & rolled it around under my left bewb, which I am almost positive is bruised from the pressure he applied. It was uncomfortable to say the least and he was breathing hard. Ugh!

I asked a lot of questions like what are the red & blue colors on the black & white screen? [red represents blood going towards the probe, blue represents blood flowing away], What's that alien looking thing & will it pop out of my chest? [that's the right ventricle & no it won't, we hope.] What valve is actually the murmur? [I'm just a Tech!]

Anyroo, the appointment took a lot longer than I thought because he had to take pics of every valve, the pump, the ventricles, measure them, record rhythms, highlight the red/blue, etc. Then he took a full pic of my heart looking down from my throat and another looking up from my stomach. It was very cool to watch on the screen.

I won't have the results for like a week but I asked him "So I still have my murmur?" and he replied with "Well all I can say is that the Doc will know where it's coming from but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it." Which tells me that Yes, I still have my murmur & didn't outgrow it & I'm on a life sentence of antibiotics. To be sure though, I'll wait to hear what the doc says.

The End :)


Shadow said...

Having had the same thing done to me (though by a female nurse and since I'm bi that's a yeah for me as she was probably nicer looking and smelling than a guy would have been), I can tell you it all sounds pretty much identical...

Trained to press the darn things into you as hard as possible I swear... >_>

Oh and the reason it's a 'moving target' is because your breathing... It would be simple if you didn't breath... ;)

Gillian Waldman said...

Jelly - hoping everything is ok.