Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clockworks - TONIGHT!!

SL isn't up so no fancy shmancy slurl for you... you are just gonna hafta holla for a TP or else follow the green dots in the Topgol sim, because TONIGHT is party time at Clockworks for my set from 6-9. I am going to be all over the place. I went the lazy route and decided, hmmmm I like that, yes I like that, yes I like that... and just threw a bunch of songs in and then hit shuffle. I am beginning to feel a little bit of the Christmas Spirit though, so I sprinkled in a few Christmas songs that you might not have heard... so come on down to party like a rock, party like a rock, party like a rock star!

1 comment:

Garrett Larkham said...

I'm sure it was fun, Hawks. But I will continue to be on the DL for a while. Click my name for the gory details.