Saturday, December 1, 2007

JH Productions - for hire

Well Jell and I have been doing quite a few film projects for ourselves, for our friends, or just to try to make a point about something in a fun way through the JH reports -- all under the umbrella of our JH productions tag. We are now entering a new era for JH productions, that of capitalistic endeavor.

We were approached out of the blue by Portia Roelofs to film a promotional vid for her to assist with her Rock the Vote campaign for SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association). We settled on a price, and then busted out a vid. No sooner had we finished the vid for her, than we started receiving additional requests to film vids for other peeps. After some discussion with Jell, we have decided to test the commercial waters and see how far we can take this lil venture. Our goal's are modest to begin with, I would like to be able to make enough to cover my internet bill and not have to buy any Lindens from my half... Jell would like to be able to cover her shoe expenses...

So more to come on that when we roll out the official marketing campaign, for now we are content to just wade into the waters through word of mouth. If you are interested in requesting our services, then feel free to contact either Jelly or myself in world.

For now, here is the first vid of the new era... and good luck to Portia on her SLSA endeavors.

Surfing Vid - SLSA final from HawksRock Gunawan on Vimeo.


Dreamer said...

wot a great post!! didn't exackery make me tingle ;p but meh ..

i kno JH Productions will continue to tote kick ass!!!


Triz Aster said...

Wow, amazing video! I tried just taking pictures at their last comp and that was too hard for me. They move so danged fast! :)

Cierra Theriac said...

Looking good... now if I can just figure out how Colleen does that spin ;)