Friday, January 4, 2008


Hai guise...
I'm just checking in and saying - I miss me too. :p Lmao. No really, I miss being around but apparently I shoulda packed less clothes [gasp! it's farking cold] and tried to stow my puter tower somehow. Anyroo, I'll be back home Tuesday night... so unless something bad happened to my puter, I should be back to norm [wtf is norm?].

Oh yah I have skin to blog, and then I gotta nag about how Hawks apparently abandoned the stew for greener pastures & whatnot. Apparently the freebies are better & chicks seem to dig him better over there [omg! I'll choke a bitch!]. So yah, expect something from me some time tomm. kkthnx

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A. Burgess said...

Norm is washing his Jeep Wrangler.