Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Babycakes... You just don't know-know...

Babycakes - Three of a Kind
Babycakes... You just don't know-know... How I-I like it down low-low!
I have that song stuck in my head. So ha! You get to listen too. Weeee! Get it stuck! You know you wanna!

href="">Things To Do - Wednesday
Things To Do: Sculpties Competition Winners!

Linden Lab announced the winners of their Sculpties contest today, so te Things To Do group is off to check out the exhibition! Join us at 1pm SLT today using this landmark if you'd like to come as a group and see all the fun exhibits on the Luna sim. See you there!

Not a member of the group? join today, its free, fun and a great way to explore Second Life with friends.

Going to the chapel, well not really really...

Aka started the wedding build early early my time this morning. Can I just say "Wow!" We're def on the same page. Have I told you I love you today my Aka Smoopy!?! Cause I so do... oh yes, yes I do. *Eskimo kisses* It's coming together beautifully. *cheeeese*

Not subtle enough?

So remmy how I said that the neighbors that dropped that gawd ugly house on my doorstep lived in the MIGNON sim? And ya'll remmy that we live in the WILDMUTT sim? Yes, we're on simline. Ya following? Okay well this morning when I logged in I found her & I guess "flavor of the week", friend or whatever all romantical in OUR garden. Ummm, hello? I let them be because well, I hadn't had coffee yet & I know I can be brutal without my caffeine i.v. hooked up. So I log out to handle RL junk, and come back a few hours later, yes, A FEW HOURS later. They're still in our garden, but they've moved closer to our tree house. Convo went like this:

You: Aloha :) AD & L is there something we can help you with?
AD: oh sorry jelly
AD: no
AD: just looking don't worry
You: np, just wondering why you were over here...
AD: i m your neighbor next door
You: i know the one that dropped the big glass house on my doorstep
AD: yes
You: don't you have same tree house?
AD: yes we have
You: ah ok, think you could go stand by yours? We're trying to build our wedding area
AD: its lovely
AD: oh congratulations
You: thanks
AD: ok we ll go home

Well I was hoping she'd get the hint that uhh, mayhaps I hate that house, but nope. She ended with:

AD: nice to meet you
AD: and if you need something
AD: tell us please

Well I'm going to leave that up to Hawks because I fear that I can't be as diplomatic as he can. So hey, baby... gluck with that. ::heart:: :) Seriously wtf!? They have more land than us & on the direct waterfront. They can hang out at their own place cause like, the only squatters I want, are the ones we already have. Only cause we know & love them completely. *makes heart with hands & holds it above her head* Completely!

Okay that's it for me... Sweetest Creams!

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