Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Diplomacy - Wildmutt & Mignon

I can't say that I am very good at tact. I had a professor teaching me once. He quit. Haha! So I thought it would be best if Hawks tried talking to the neighbor. That didn't go so well, because she didn't respond. I wonder if there is a Spanish speaking doctor in the house? Just kidding, but I think we may need a translator soon.

I sent her an IM (plays the mouth piece) with suggestions on how to speak to her from Hawks. Let's see how well babelfish translates this:

JellyBean Madison: Aloha AD, my fiancé just tried speaking with you & you completely ignored him. So I figured I would im, I don't mind anything you have done over there except for the concrete house, which really changes the landscape. The house doesn't really fit the theme of other houses in the area and is practically on our door step. At ground level we are staring at the backside & metal fireplace piping. Yes your palm trees help but they are taking up 134 of our prims. Our suggestions to make us all happy are, if you wouldn't mind 1) moving it to the other side of the island 2) flipping it with the dock setup or 3) at least moving it forward a ways. We are still building a garden area, and you are welcome to come enjoy it in exchange for helping us out with the scenery.

En español:
El ANUNCIO de Aloha, mi discurso intentado del fiancé apenas con usted y usted no hicieron caso totalmente de él. Calculé tan que im, yo no importo cualquier cosa que usted ha hecho allá a excepción de la casa concreta, que realmente cambia el paisaje. La casa realmente no cabe el tema de otras casas en el área y está prácticamente en nuestro paso de la puerta. En el nivel del suelo estamos mirando fijamente la tubería de la chimenea de la parte posterior y del metal. Sus árboles de palma ayudan sí pero están tomando 134 de nuestros prims. Nuestras sugerencias para hacernos todo felices son, si usted no importaría de 1) moviéndolo al otro lado de la isla 2) que lo mueve de un tirón con el muelle setup o 3) por lo menos moviéndolo para remitir maneras. Somos edificio inmóvil al área del jardín, y usted es agradable venir goza de ella en el intercambio para ayudarnos hacia fuera con el paisaje.

Retranslated from the Spanish to English:
The ANNOUNCEMENT of Aloha, my speech tried of fiancé hardly with you and you did not pay attention totally to him. I calculated so that im, I do not concern any thing that you have done there with the exception of the concrete house, that really changes the landscape. The house really does not fit the subject of other houses in the area and is practically in our passage of the door. In the level of the ground we are watching fixedly the pipe of the chimney of the later part and the metal. Their trees of palm help yes but they are taking 134 from ours prims. Our suggestions to make us all happy are, if you would not matter of 1) moving it to the other side of the island 2) that moves of a pull with the wharf setup or at least 3) moving it to send ways. We are immovable building to the area of the garden, and you are pleasant to come enjoys her in the interchange to help us towards outside with the landscape.

Hmmm. It's kinda funny to read but nevertheless... Houston, we have a problem. :/

UPDATE: That IM I sent was sent while she was online. After waiting a couple hours for a response, I returned her 134 prim palm tree from our land. Hopefully that'll get her freaking attention since apparently a ding from her IM window & Hawk's standing right in front of her didn't.


Wrath Paine said...

I LOVE things translated back like that!! Makes you wonder if that's really how it will be interpreted by the neighbour, hmmm... I bet you could easily find an interpreter in SL, however - just search for groups with Spanish in the name, maybe? Oh, one of my neighbours is Chinese and the other is French and the other ones are Australian and Canadian, so if you need help with any of those languages, let me know. Especially with those last two, because I don't think Babelfish works for those, as the results always seem to come back the way I write them in English.


Gillian Waldman said...

I AM DYING..."Their trees of Palm"

Dpende said...

"Aloha AD, mi pareja ha intentado hablar contigo y lo has ignorado completamente. Así que he decidido enviarte un IM. No me importa nada de lo que has (hecho/ construido) ahí excepto por la casa de cemento, la cual cambia realmente el paisaje. La casa no encaja con el resto de casas de la zona y está prácticamente a las puertas de nuestra casa.
Sí, las palmeras ayudan pero nos quitan 134 de nuestros prims. Nuestra sugerencia para que estemos todos contentos, si no te importa:
1) Moverla hacia la otra parte de la isla.
2) ...
3) Por lo menos apartarla un poco.

Aún estamos construyendo una zona ajardinada, y estás invitada a venir a disfrutarla a cambio de ayudarnos con el escenario."

There's two or three things I can't translate, but I think is like this, more or less.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Gracias mucho Dpende. I copied it & pasted it to her. Wish me gluck :)