Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bad Azz - RIP :'(

So I came in today to a note from Luscious Pointe sent out to all the hosts at Bad Azz gaming that they closed it down. I can't say that I am totally surprised since both Lushy and Haos have been AWOL for the last month or so, and it seemed that games were being hosted sporadically at best. Dreamer and I did our best to keep it going as much as possible, but there is only so much hosting we can do.

Bad Azz has been a key part of my SLife ever since I first created my account. I made many of my good friends there, not to mention it was a key player in bringing Jelly and I together. Whether it was midnight playing with Dreamer as our host, or else hosting there almost nightly I always enjoyed the group of people that frequented the place. There was something about the new build and T2 that sort of killed off the feel of comraderie that we had before. We needed to keep the shelf - dammit... lol. I dunno what exactly brought it down, but people sort of lost interest and once the management quit paying the hosts, we no longer were able to keep the schedule very well staffed.

I am sort of bummed that they just deleted it without a sendoff party to bring everybody together for one last game, but I was too late because I was told it had already been deleted. Thanks to everybody for being part of Bad Azz gaming, and I will remember the fun we had there.

Now I need to determine how big I want to try to make Hawk's Tringo, and see if we can transfer a lot of the people over there. Gotta get through the wedding first... then on to the next round of plans.

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