Thursday, June 14, 2007

And... I'm spent! *Jelly's wedding summary*

*Hangs my head in shame* I cannot believe I took so long to post that Gillian & Wrath beat me to posts on my own wedding. Lmao Thank you, both of you. :D

First off let me say thank you to everyone that was able to attend, even with the day switcheroo. Also a special mahalo to everyone who went a little above & beyond to snaparazzi with Snapzilla. Rofl.

To say I was a bundle of nerves would be an understatement. I was worried no one would be able to attend with the date change & with the Wednesday update, I was sure SL would be beyond borked. Everything seemed to be prepared, arranged & ready. Yet I was short two bridesmaids, Rosie & Lala. Thank goodness Rosie called & I was able to yank her in world & have her ready within 5 minutes (trust me this is an accomplishment, haha). Still Lala was MIA. I couldn't find a full size pic of her, otherwise there would have been a Lala cut out up there next to Rosie. Unfortunately RL kept her away *tear*. Then there was my vows. MY GAWD! Could I be anymore stressed over THAT!?! Probably, but I was pretty much maxed at stress levels.

Having Aka & Rosie on skype helped as they were cracking me up, Rosie's shoe was up her ass, she couldn't find sneakers to wear, and we were all busting up laughing. We let her go ahead & be a Barbie wearing heels. Haha. Then it was "Who goes first?" Rosie says, "I'm going, I'm going, no wait." I'm rolling the entire time trying to tell Aka to go but Rosie was insisting that she was going with or without shoe up her ass. LOL By this point we added Hawks to Skype & kicked them off to laugh in eachother's ears. IMs were insane & lag was gawd awful. I tried to make my way down the aisle & eventually crashed. Boo! By the time I got back, I asked if I could just jump on the ball or did I actually had to finish my walk? I could have ball hopped but it refused to rez. Yay SL!

Things eventually smoothed out and happy happy joy joy. Pho did an awesome job with tunage on such short notice. Thanks Pho. And Dreamer, awww Dreamer... could I love you anymore & completely? Possibly NOT. She was all over being the greatest person ever! ::hearts:: Akasha did a great job getting our rings completed, the build built and so prettiful. Scarlet Singer put together a gorgeous album with soft lit photos, if you'd like a copy let me know. Over all thank you all... Now it's time to look forward to all the other projects we have in the works, so stay tuned. :)


Sasy Scarborough said...

Congratulations I had no idea that when you were talking to me in im you were getting married that day :P it looks fantastic, and love the shoe choice lol

Sasy S xoxo

Laylah said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it! *sobs* I feel robbed ... Missing out on something so special and beautiful.

Wrath Paine said...

Sheesh, I totally thought I'd get a bigger shout out for reminding you to go pee and grab a pawp before the ceremony started!! LMAO

Even my date blogged your wedding before you did, hehe. (And her review rawks!) It's okay, we all just thought you were honeymooning or sumptin sumptin. *grins*

Of course, I was hoping Laylah would be there so I could IM her in the middle of the ceremony to try and make her start laughing while she stood up there, but probably just as well I didn't, hehe.

I'll try and get some machinima edited by the end of the weekend and send ya the link. :-)