Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whew - deep breath and enjoy it now

Well we made it through! Despite a few key crashes of a few key people, like say... the groom, the bride, and the best man... we made it through. It was somewhat random craziness given the foregoing of rehearsal for the real deal, the massive IM coordination that went on behind the scenes combined with the skyping with Jelly (do you see a ball? do we wait for him to come back? who are these noobs running around? Banned them but they are ghosting and still here. Where did Jelly go? She can't see the balls they haven't rezzed.) Nothing like trying to follow along in the ceremony, making sure to jump on the right ball, and then answering 15 IM's at once as everyone wants to either help you out, or offer something funny. Dreamer was a real lifesaver, as she was the calming voice in my ear through the entire service, just telling me to relax and breathe. Thanks Dreamer!

But anyways, once things sort of settled down and we got to the vows section it made for a perfect blend of SL and talking on Skype where Jelly and I were reading the key passages of our vows out loud to each other, while still copying and pasting them into the general chat. From that point on everything went calmly and smoothly. After that everything was all smiles and fun for the rest of the evening.

The reception was a blast, and special thanks to Pho for DJ'ing tunes that kept everybody dancing and hanging out up in the Tringo/reception area. After about an hour of dancing, cake cutting, toasting, and trying to hit Joker with the garter like 4 times, we then of course busted out some Tringo to end the evening. What better combination of things can you ask for?

Special thanks to everybody who was able to come and celebrate this special event with us. I hope everybody had a great time, and it meant a lot to us that you were there despite all the confusion of pulling up a day at the last minute.

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