Thursday, June 14, 2007

SL Ballet -

I am always interested in seeing how art imitates life, or in this case how different facets of RL enter into SL. One chance to look into this was to attend a presentation by the Second Life Ballet company to see how it was interpreted into SL. The production attempted to imitate RL as much as possible, verses leveraging the benefits of SL to invent something new.

Information taken from the notecard indicates that "Second Life Ballet produces professional works that creatively utilize the Second Life environment; we produce neo-classical, contemporary, and eclectic ballets for and with the residents of Second Life.

Roles are available for dancers, designers, composers, animators, supporters, and audience members. All welcome!

Our debut ballet was the premiere of "Olmannen", an original 3-act story ballet written, choreographed, and directed by Inarra Saarinen with original music by Alazarin Mondrian, and danced by Amber Shablin, Alina Mikadze, Chryssie Bunnyhug, and Amelie Dibou. The ballet is now on tour Wednesdays and Sundays at 4:00pm SLT through March at the Second Life Ballet-IBM theatre."

Overall we were disappointed in the overall production due to the jerkiness of the animations, and the exorcist effect of the cast's heads staying in a fixed position while there bodies spun around and around. Not to mention the sim crashing three times before it was able to kick off, but that was just another day in SL and not do to anything the production could control. The scenery and story lines were intriguing but overall this production still appears to be in its infancy, and we will check back in 6 months or so after they have worked out more of the details.

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