Sunday, June 3, 2007

Catching Up ... Hawks Style

Okay, so I have been slacking. Will I ever be as prolific, verbose, or as punctual as Jelly? Hell no, but I will admit that I have officially been remiss on my contributions so it is time to catch up a bit, and to let you know what has been on my mind over the last few days.

Yep, it is official. I popped the question to Jelly yesterday, June 2, 2007 and she said Yes! So I am still smiling every time I catch a glimpse of that ring on her finger. I keep getting asked details so here are just a few: 1) I buried the spot in daffodils because they are Jells favorite flower, plus they symbolize spring and a new beginning. 2) I had a couple of penguins assisting as ring bearers who had the ring on the stem of a pink rose. Lots of candles, rose petals, and flowers... gag if you wanna, but that is how I roll.

I would like to thank ALL the well wishers and congrats that have come via comments on the blog, comments on the Snapzilla post, IM's, and even emails. Also thanks to Aka for keeping mum, and Peter for making that awesome ring!

Snapzilla - still sucking
Okay, so I know Jelly has mentioned this, but I just want to give voice to my own opinion. I have gotten to love Snapzilla when everything is working correctly, but I am extremely frustrated as of late. It seems that just enough pics are getting through to keep me sending pics over, but then just enough are disappearing to piss me off. I dunno if it is something with LL, with Snapzilla, or with the way the jetstream is currently postioned over the Pacific Ocean that is causing this issue, but I want it fixed... now. Thanks in advance for jumping right on that...

Hawk's Tringo

I am loving having my own tringo spot. What better 1 month present could I get? In case any of you don't know, Jelly and I have a few addictions in SL, and Tringo is definitely one of them. My idea for the ultimate Tringo place is to combine dance, cuddling, scenery, and Tringo together into one location, and Aka did an incredible job on the build pulling all of those together. Next up I have to figure out if I want to leave Bad Azz gaming and start hosting my time slots here or not. Once we get the land partitioned off to keep everybody from having to traipse muddy shoes through the house, I will be letting people know the plans. Can I just say, thanks Babe... this was an awesome gift!

The Jelly Hawks Show coming soon

So Jelly and I may be creating our own DJ show together. We are still awaiting assistance from our Tech support team to tell us exactly what we need to buy to link Skype, Sams, and SL into the ultimate DJ studio, but wow what a concept that is. I am a tad nervous about this idea, but who really likes to hear their own voice anyways... lol. Overall though, I think this has potential to be an extremely fun thing to do.
Stay posted! Coming soon to a club or event near you...

A fool and his L's are soon parted
Here is a new scam for you, we arrived back to the land to some dipshit thinking he was going to trick us into paying him property taxes on our land. I mean seriously though if someone is dumb enough to fall for this line, then they deserve to be out their lindens - that is just natural selection at work. Here is the convo, as spoken by the robot/perpetrator known as s4bo Sands:

s4bo Sands: i need to speak to the owner
Akasha Nyak: what do you need?
s4bo Sands: whos the owner?
Akasha Nyak: all
Akasha Nyak: so what can we help you with?
s4bo Sands: ok you have not payed the property tax
Rosie Shark: correct
Akasha Nyak: roflmao
You: lmao
s4bo Sands: it needs to payed or we have to close this land
Rosie Shark: who is we?
s4bo Sands: Linden Labs
You: r u a complete and total moron?
Rosie Shark: oh really?
Akasha Nyak: ROFLMAO
Rosie Shark: i think he thinks we are
Akasha Nyak: omggg I just fell of the turnup truck!!!
Akasha Nyak: rosie!!! omgggg
s4bo Sands: well my job is done - you have been informed
s4bo Sands: you have 24 hours
Rosie Shark: who do we pay it to?
s4bo Sands: it's in your mail

s4bo Sands quickly leaves the scene as he realizes that we are not going to quickly take out a second mortgage on the land to pay him our "property taxes." Are their people out there dumb enough to fall for this?? lmao

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