Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Creator Disclosure Vent

I'm the first person to say that I lack building talent in SL & I have no issues publicly thanking the people that do help me with things that I have asked for in the past. What I do have a problem with is liars. People who take credit for builds they did not make. So what if you contributed one freaking prim to it, or it was your idea. The point is that your ass did not physically build it and I am so sticking my spoon into this pot.

Here's a little back ground for all ya'll... Remmy my house, the beach house? Yes, the one that I begged for, the one I adore & just had to have? Obviously right, especially since I have the pics plastered on this post as well as other posts. I've mentioned this before but apparently I feel the need to do an entire post on it just in case you missed it. Haha! No, not haha, I'm mad. Well, kinda.

This loverly home was built by my very talented ex, Davo Greenstein, builder of SL dreams. Contrary to what his "friend" will say. She will tell you she built it prim for prim. Well, I know the truth... just like me, she couldn't build her way out of a paper bag. I deleted her card awhile back & the reason why is because I found her to be a shallow, self-centered, Davo spoiled, narcissistic little SL princess. She can't & won't ever change because people allow her to be the way she is. Why? Iunno.

I'm really thankful she was so kind to give me the house he built for her to turn around & resale. It wouldn't even bother me all that much and yes, I realize it's none of my business how Davo lets her claim credit for his work... but she im'd me regarding the article about me done on the house in the AvaStar. Stating that nowhere on the article did it state the designer of the house but there is an article next to mine about some other architect named Keystone Bouchard. Like I care. I told the AvaStar reporter (Lionila Lightfoot) that Davo built the house and I was hoping that she'd mention it, but no skin off my back that she didn't.

Well SL princess la-di-da was upset over this & said she'd be im'ing the reporter about it. That's fine but then I started thinking about how many people she's already told taking credit for the build. How sad & very pathetic if she ran to Lionila saying that she built it. So basically this entire post which I was actually considering for MGG2SL is basically to state that Davo Greenstein regardless of whether or not he'll stand up to her & tell her where she can shove it honestly built the SL dream house that I call home. I feel better now and that's what matters.... Rofl
Oh shyt! I'm suppose to be writing vows! :/


Anonymous said...

Jelly ... with all due respect to you, really check your sources when you declare things like this. What is the motivation behind this? Lydiah and Davo are good friends of mine. I've given Lyd my textures, full perm builds and not seen any of them be used for profit and whenever they are displayed, she gives me full credit even if it was just a texture. She's one of the most down-to-earth, selfless people I know.

And regarding collaborations, the same so-called accusation could be said about the methhouse I made with Talen Morgan. He shaped the prims, I made/placed the textures. Does that make my efforts less significant as a creator? I can't add my name to the creation of that build? A collaboration is a collaboration. Keeping tabs on who contributed more is a moot point.

It's sad to see an innocuous thing such as a friendly collab be injected with malice. This was something that was not needed nor warranted to be said.

Regards, Lash Xevious

Anonymous said...

yeah, i must agree you really should know the source before bringing out the hammer especially as I also gave hint of creative input on your house. And YOU don't even know me!

I do know however as I was there in some of the creation of this house, it's very much the creation of Lydiah. And it smacks of her flavour and style.

I have no idea why you would attack someone whom gave you a house for free?
And can't someone in SL an object they own?

You know what I think? Time to pull your head in. Appreciate the generosity that was served to you, it only makes you look bad Jellybean and look like you have someother purpose to this post.

Shame on You.

Davo Greenstein said...

I can't see the point of this post.

u like the build, u wanted the build, i told u it was Lydiah's.

Yes i put a rough house together based on what Lydiah wanted but the hours, and they were hours, spent deprimming, tweaking, lighting, and perfecting this build more than give Lydiah a right to say what ever she wants about our creation. In fact i merely helped her. She spent much more time on the house than I did.

I always enjoy joining forces with Lydiah to dabble as we have over the years.

Lydiah is a non drama, sweet, fun and generous person. I have not heard her speak bad of anyone even though she has had reason to at times.

Without my best friend Lydiah here in SL there would have been many times when I would have up and left.

I cannot see what made u decide it was so necessary to attack Lydiah like this. Looket ur words they are attacking her.

I really dont see why the house issue was any of your business and certainly do not agree with a single word u have said here.