Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dat Wascally Wabbit

Wow, what high hopes... what high expectations... I know that a few of these big companies entering SL have been let downs lately (like Microsoft)... but surely PLAYBOY a company which has built a marketing empire that spans print, online, retail, catalog, television, and movies would get it right. Surely the only guy south of the North Pole who wears red every day of his life would see to it that this venture is worthy of the Playboy branding mechanism. Surely they would research the proper mechanics of texturing and materials before slapping their logo on some product and trying to sell it to the SLmasses.

I was expecting a full size replication of the Playboy mansion where you could tour all the rooms and test out pose balls in the grotto or in the inner sanctums of Hef's room. Imagine bunnies on trampolines around every corner, okay okay, maybe I digress or else have seen too many episodes of the Man Show, I dunno for sure.... but to make a long story short, if this is your vision of bunny paradise, you will be severely disappointed in the Playboy sim.

I have visions of the marketing blunder that happened when Chevy introduced a hot new car called the Nova to its spanish markets. (That translates to no-go for those of you who slept through both your intro spanish course and marketing.) The main section of the Playboy sim is the store where you can buy the very same outfits for your AV as you can buy online at for yourself with one big exception.... these interpretations suck!! and are incredibly overpriced!! Case in point - 400L's for a painted on pink coloration with an iron on bunny on it?

We did see one playboy bunny avatar working in the shop area (which Jelly promptly tagged blingtard), which would set the bunny to male ratio at about 1:25. There is some hope that Playboy will be able to bring a few interesting live acts into their jazz club area and provide a decent live music venue, but I am holding out til I see it for real. We did notice an interesting lack of any slow dance options in the Jazz Club, although they did have one nice cuddle which made up for it. We toured the lounge where you can catch up on your Girls Next Door snippets, but again the club was loaded with guys but there were zero bunnies on hand.

My plea to big business out there is to do a little market research before opening up a subpar sim. There is a ton of missed potential with this sim, and it is a shame that they didn't care enough to do it right. Luckily for me, I brought my own bunny and she has more than I could ever need... :).

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Jelly's 2 cents: I liked the beach chairs! :p