Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Times! Good Times!

Apologies for getting the invites out so late ya'll. Hawks was uber suspicious of my activity all day. Mr. Snoopy McSnooper Pants. Oh yes, that's what he is... Mr. Snoopy McSnooper Pants. Too many questions, not good enough answers. Big huge thanks to Dreamer, not just for the Tim Tams, Milo, and Caramello Koalas :p but for all the party help. You rock, completely.

Special Mahalo to those that were able to come on such short notice. Having ya'll there made it that much more special. I dj'd til stream ate me, then Hawks took over... he spoke! YES! Not once but TWICE while I was there. :o Yummy! We danced, we laughed, we had a great time.

Sadly, I'm off to bed while they still party... I'm not sure if Hawks will be doing a post as well, adding to this one or what, but Happy Birthday Baby - and many more. ::hearts:: *cheeese*


Dreamer said...

Great party .. Happy Birthday Hawks!
oooo look, a plethiosaurus!!! :P
hugs, mwas + many cool tunes buddy! <3

mwa Jell!! <3 yvw, as always .. + don't 4get, no hot water + no sugar. :D + save some Koalas for the birthday boi! :P

Gillian Waldman said...

So sorry I missed it :( Looks like fun. Happy Bday Hawks!

Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Hawks :)

HawksRock said...

Thank you to everybody... I am 12 hours into my birthday, and already having a blast! I am glad to have such great friends!