Thursday, June 21, 2007


Wow, well what can I say. Jelly posted several pics from the surprise party she gave me for my birthday below so I won't mess with putting up more pics, but I did want to express my thanks and appreciation for all the great friends that I have made here on SL. Yes, I was a tad suspicious... mayhaps the large happy birthday banner that rezzed behind the bleacher seating at the Tringo area had something to do with it... :) Not to mention the particles jumping off Jelly every 5 seconds during Tringo... lol. But in the end I have to say that I was still incredibly surprised, because I was expecting something small to happen during our nightly Dreamer Tringo, when in actuality it ended up turning into quite an event.

I want to take a minute and thank those that came:

Mio: Welcome to the other side of noobville, you clean up fairly nice. Keep making Dreamer happy, and you will stay on my good side. Don't break poor Lucy's heart.

Igor: We are old tringo opponents but relatively new on the friendship side of things. I am glad you were able to come, and I have already sent your present off to the cleaners... lol.

Aug: Aug: You are a worthy Tringo opponent, and the king of dropping YouTube urls in the middle of the Tringo matches. Aug: Sure I never actually go look at them, but I still appreciate the fact you are so eager to share!

Rosie: I am just now feeling like we are getting to know each other well, and I really look forward to seeing our friendship continue to grow.

Map: Appreciate the appearance, and as long as you continue to treat Heaven well then you will score highly in my book.

Amanda: Thrilled you could make it, and dancing with Haos should score you some sort of hazard pay. I will always treasure your friendship, and I want us to stay close. The poem goes in my things to keep forever folder. :)

Heaven: Thank you for all the great moments we have shared, and for the tremendous friendship we will always have. Dancing with a "ruthed" Haos should score you more than hazard pay, I am thinking some sort of medal of honor for courageous actions above and beyond the call of duty or something.

Haos: I have always enjoyed our sparring matches, and valued your friendship. I am glad that I am staying in contact with you in the post BA world, let's keep it up. You really gotta work on your groove thing though, poor miss Streeter is probably still wallowing out there.

Kala: What can I say? You have one of the most bubbly cheerful personalities I have encountered in SL, and you help bring a smile to everybody's face. Don't change ... I expect you to still have that vibrant personality when you are 85 years old. Just think of how many shoe jokes you can think up between now and then.

Joker: Over a very short time, you have gotten to be one of my closest friends. I am glad that Tringo and Kala introduced us to each other. Your a little nuts bro, but a good friend through and through. Sorry if I kept you from breaking in the laptop properly...

Dreamer: I have never seen such quick wit and incredible sarcasm bundled up in such a sweet package. You truly are one of kind, and a treasure to all. I am happy you have found SLove and happiness, you deserve it! You will always be the hostess with the mostess...

Jelly: Ummmm. Wow! What to say. You continue to astound me with your generosity, warmth, and love of life. You still surprised me, even if I was getting suspicious. I am so happy to have found you, and for every day we are able to be together. You are amazing, and truly the Slove of my Slife... We are coming up on 2 months, and they have been awesome! I am kind of competitive, so we need to be sure to beat Eva and Ace so we have a ways to go... :) Mwah, kisses, and thank you so much for bringing in my B-day with a bash...

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