Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hawks w/ Ketchup

So life being engaged to a blogger makes life interesting to say the least, most particularly when I mention that I probably need to be blogging something. Low and behold, instantaneously, I am provided with not ten, but eleven topics I should be blogging about. They are as follows:

[21:16] JB: 1. snap of the zilla is working
[21:16] JB: 2. People mind your own damned bizz
[21:17] JB: 3. Wedding Plan Update (i.e build progress, hen/buck parties, rehearsal dinner, weekend sleep over)
[21:18] JB: 4. Clay fails at life
[21:19] JB: 5. hawks tringo - join the group
[21:19] JB: 6. Lance named official Hawks/Jelly host
[21:20] JB: 7. Dreamer up for Tringo Host of the Year Award - What will she wear?
[21:21] JB: 8. Hawks Thought Corner - Neighbor resolve
[21:21] JB: 9. Hawks' Tom Cruise impression via blog
[21:23] JB: 10. Things to do/Things we did - The Div (The Diversionarium) Word games, social games, and creative fun. Friendly, non-commercial.
[21:25] JB: 11. SL Fixes (ignore the shiny & hold on tight - we're fucked)

So basically as you can see in the space of 9 minutes the queen of the blogroll churned out 11 topics for blogging...

So now to cover the before mentioned topics...

1. Snapzilla is up and running again, so we are getting our pics through except for the occasional lack of an email address it is working almost flawlessly again, so yay to that!!
2. If you think this references you, then it probably does this time around, so quit being a pain. Also, skype doesn’t bite.
3. Yep after bringing up that rushing through the wedding will eliminate the fun of having something to look forward to, we have slowed down a bit. Therefore, while Aka continues to make huge progress on the build, we are now working on incorporating all the fun events we can leading up to it (ie bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and sleepover?? I dunno how that one works exactly, so I best ask some questions.)
4. We kinda feel bad for our neighbor Clay who has this little patch of green land, where he just sort of stands at random times during the day. Clay get out and meet some people, or at least plant a flower or a tree, try Tai-chi, or something... kkthnx
5. I am building momentum for Hawk's Tringo, so feel free to look up the group and join ~*Hawk's Tringo*~ and then you can receive updates as to when games are being played. I am hoping to host the first "official" game at some point next week.
6. Yesterday, while dancing at a T1 Jazz event hosted by Lance Jansen, Lance was telling us how excited he is about Jelly and I becoming DJ's... He mentioned he would like to do anything he can to help out, so we started the first hinting at his being our host... no solid bite yet, but we will keep working on him.
7. She is currently winning by a landslide in the exit polls, and my money is on boots and something black.
8. Yay for translation, and trying to speak the same language. The neighbor ended up being super cool, and we are incredibly excited about having the beach back!
9. Saves the pic of him sliding across the doorway in his underwear for a later post… tbd.
10. I am gonna cover our latest exploits in a diff post… but still good idea, hun.
11. Jelly and I actually hold different opinions on Windlight and after the initial oooo’s and ahhhh’s wore off, I have actually quit using it altogether. I actually think Windlight is a great metaphor for SL in general. If you make the sky pretty enough, no one will notice that people are orange or have glowing eyeballs. Ooooo look at the shiny things, inability to TP, terrible lag, and lack of search abilities.

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