Saturday, June 9, 2007


Feel like working your brain cells? Are you a fan of puzzle games like Cranium or Balderdash? Then you might enjoy grabbing some friends and heading over to the Diversionarium. There you will find basically 4 games which are best enjoyed with at least two other friends.

The games are as follows:

Avisleuth: It's designed to get players in conversation with each other about interesting subjects. Object of the game: Match a notecard with answers to strange questions with the person who wrote the answers. Basically this works like most office party teamwork building type exercises where you can learn interesting tidbits about the other people in your group. Opinion: Although Rosie thought this game was TMLW, I think it was a good ice breaker type game, and would be most fun with a larger group of people who you are interested in getting to know better.

Limeruckus: It will randomly generate one of thousands of possible first lines (admittedly in a really predictable form), and then it's up to you to finish the limerick. Limericks are a fun and easy kind of poetry to play with. Some of the best limericks have a surprising last line, but even an iffy limerick can be a lot of fun as long as it manages to rhyme. Be clever and creative, but don't be afraid to write bad poetry! Opinion: I have dabbled a bit in poetry, but honestly didn't find this one to be too much fun. We tried two games, but lost interest quickly.

Improvistation: It's made to get two or more volunteers up on the stage for a comedic improvisation. The Improvisation describes characters and situations (always with a problem in the middle), and from there it's up to your creativity. :) Opinion: Charades didn't seem to translate over too well to SL where you need a pose ball to really be able to control your movements correctly. Yes you can walk, and chat, but without being able to move your virtual body, it sort of takes some of the fun out of charades.

Mystery Build: One builder is secretly given a task to build and two or more guessers try to figure out what's being built before the timer runs out. Opinion: This one is fun, unless you suck at building (like me) then it is a lot more fun guessing than building. I have never played primtionary, but I have to think it operates just like this.

Quoste: There are two objects to the game: First, use clues to guess a series of words. Once you guess one word (or time runs out), a new word will come up to guess until the puzzle is ended. Second, look at the sentence that's being created out of the individual words and try to guess what quotation or saying they begin. Opinion: This one is our fav, and the one that keeps bringing Jelly and I back to play again. Just please remember to type w: and q: before answering (or at least try to read the instructions before IM'ing the game owner *ahem Jells*).

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