Saturday, June 9, 2007

Peanut Butta, Jelleh & Bananas

Damn me! Damn me! Damn me!
I really wanted to sleep in today. My body is still sooo use to getting up around 7 a.m. I even tried forcing myself back to sleep but bleh, no go. So here it is... Hawks has already gone to bed & I'm just sorta here. I'm tired, but do I go to bed? If I go to bed will I be able to sleep in? Screw it I'm having a Bud Light. I think I deserve it today. :p Hopefully tomorrow the pool will be open & Summer Vaca - Day 2 won't suck so hard. By the way... it's uber hawt in Hawaii at the moment. I'm freaking melting! Oh yes... AND I stepped on a prickly weed hidden in the grass, it hurt. Bleh.

My Shrine
Okay not technically *mine* it belongs to the owner of the land. It just so happens to be one of the very first places of beauty that Aka & I stumbled across in SL.
Every so often I find myself navigating back there to see if it still stands & what changes have been happening around it. Today was one of those "every so oftens". Aka & I are heading for our 3 year rezz day in SL (7/29/2004 & 7/30/2004) and it's nice to go back to visit your beginnings. Dayum we're freaking old. TSO who? What? It's been so long, I can't seem to remmy.

Amazingly Torley
I continue to be amazed by the pics sent by Torley Linden, the Watermelon Linden. I try to take the cool pics using WindLight but just can't get the same random effects Torley does. I think I need to screw around with slider & settings some more. Thank goodness Snap of the Zilla is fixed. I do have a couple bugs that I want to suggest getting fixed:
*Client crashes if using View - Land Owners
*Glowing eyes in dark settings

SLG - 2007
I give up... haha! The coverage is so plentiful that I cannot even keep up. Just like RL, I'm easily lost. I think Rosie has decided she'll silently run. I guess that means, I'll silently support? Rofl. Wrath has been doing a pretty good job keeping me informed via Wrath Paine in: The Inside Scoop® SLelections 2007 Updates. Thanks & a yay for that. There are many people jumping in & out of the race and most are pretty funny to read, while others confuse the freaking poop outta me. Keep up the great works all.. I'm highly entertained. Anyone find Zoe yet? I worry & will keep her & her family in my SL prayers. :)

Don't hold him back now...
Yay Hawks! Not only did he blog once, but he blogged twice within minimal time in one day! I'm so proud! New trend? Probably not. If I'm not careful though, I think he's proven if he had to, he could out blog me. ME!?! :o *gasp*


*CHEEEEEESE* Omg! I got it! DJ CHEESE ON 93.1 THE ZONE! Wuwu!

But who will feed the monkey?
I really need to learn how to build with sculpted primmage. All I wanna make is a banana, to start anyways. Why is that so freaking hard? I tried using Blender & ended up with a legless turtle. Granted it was the cutest legless turtle ever, I couldn't bring it into SL because A. I have no idea where it went once saved and B. I wouldn't know what to do once I got it in. Isn't that like a sculpty initiation? Make a banana, and you're in for sure!?
Huzzah to Twiddler though for his most helpful post ever - Fun Sculpty Tutorials. Now it's just a matter of watching them & actually comprehending them. Wish me Gluck!

Tongue Biting & Tringo
Okay so I've learned that if I am at Tringo, I'm going to run into people I'd love to bash publicly just for the sure fun of it. Particularly one individual who talks in general chat just to hear himself speak. Most of what he says isn't even witty or remotely funny, which leaves him to being just downright annoying. There was once a time where I could tolerate such useless type strokes, I guess I really am getting old. Now I have found that I had to use my good old "mute" button just to save myself the temptation of running my mouth. Sigh... Sometimes you just have to have self control, right?

Okay the Bud Light hit me... Bedtime... Sweetest Dreams!


Akasha =^.^= said...

Ok, keeping up with this post was to hard.. Sooooo I'm just going to say.. you have way to much time to sit and blog, SLEEP IS GOOD!!!! LOL love ya pookies

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I'll have you know that this blog post took me an hour! AN HOUR! Rofl