Monday, June 11, 2007

Hearing Wedding Bells

So the invites officially went out today... If you didn't get one it's cause we don't like you & probably have you banned from our house. Just Kidding, sorta. No really, I'm kidding. Hawks says if he missed ya, let him know. I say if I missed ya, I meant to. Haha! No really... I'm probably kidding. Hit me up if you wanted one & didn't get one & I will personally let you know why in IM. ROFL. Kudos Davo for the invite help, without you I'd still have my finger up my nose.

I'm crazy uber nervous. Here Hawks is just type type typin away vows & I'm sitting here drooling on my shoes. Do we show each other before the ceremony? Do we wait? Are mine going to be completely utterly dumb compared to his? Ack! Are you going to show me? Oh I wanna see... no... no... cause you want to wait. No, really, I wanna see. Gah! No... nevermind. OMG! You have 6 paragraphs!?! Fook! I have one. :/

The wedding area is built with only minor adjustments needed. We have an officiant... GO US! Actually Go Hawks, he found her. Bouquets, poses, etc are settled. Now we need to work on the reception area. *sigh* So much to do, so little time...

Fook, I gotta work on my vows. Tata for now

Random Funny:
Krius Misfit: did you shake that mt. dew ... when I opened it it sprayed all over and a giant tringo thing was in there, I wrote the manufacturer and they said I was crazy!


Tiana Meriman said...

just wanted to say grats on the upcoming wedding and also dont worry about how long your vows are. as long as it comes from the heart it willl be perfect ^^

Wrath Paine said...

^^^ Yeah, what she said!! ^^^

And besides, if you ply everyone with plenty of alcohol and/or Dew® beforehand, they won't even notice. :-P hehe

Are guests allowed to bring recording devices? Because if not, err, guess no one could come, huh? lol Nevermind then.