Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MG Wedding #2 - Lala & Jon

Today marks the day we've all been waiting for 8 months in the making. Were we prepared? Not completely but damn it, we were ready! :D Today fellow Mean Girl & one of my closest friends (seriously I want to suck her face) Lala & her long time fiance, Jon tied the knot Vegas style at Virtual Games Inc. HQ in Cottonwood. A casino, no doubt.

It was uber early for me and by that I mean, fuck me woman I wasn't even 5 minutes out of bed. Now thats uber wub right there if there is any. Hawks was there as *my* Elvis in the wedding watcher crowd, while Aka, Rosie & myself stood at the altar show girl style.

It was a beautiful wedding. Simply beautiful... *wipes tear* What people didn't see was the text molestation going on in the MG group chat window. Gah! Can't a girl remove her wedgy without getting an immediate re-wedgy from Aka? Apparently, the answer is no. :p

Congrats Bitch! I love you! I suppose... you too Jon. :D

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