Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things To Do - Tuesday

Today's Things To Do is for the gadgeteers and builders/scripters among you, we're going to get a demonstration of a new sim building tool called 'sim in a box'. A very cool new tool that rezzes entire sims! Be at SiB at 1pm SLT today for the demo.
Welcome to the FUTURE.. its Sim in-a Box.. the ultimate sim building tool.

If you have any questions please drop a notecard in the mailbox near the robot. or send one to Flix Saiman

Sim in-a Box allows it's owner to select and erect a fully built sim instantly. No more waiting around for builders or scripters, SiB gives you the power to create or change your Sim on a whim. Select from 13 different modules (mods) including the Disco, RPG, Homes, Retail Stores, Movie Theaters, Apartments, and More. Mix, Match and Turn your choosen Mods - Your Entire Sim will Rez before your Eyes (the entire process takes less than a minute). Sim in-a Box gives you the power to change your Sim as often as you like.

The SiB package includes 13 Mods you can select from. There is enough room for 9 mods on a sim, but which mods you pick and how you configure them is completely up to you! We have also included an underground system with each Mod. Also included are hundreds of scripts to make doors move, operate the lighting in the disco, rent spaces out to businesses or teleport you around.

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