Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Ladies Night... Oh what a night!

Mod Pubic Hair
Oh I'm kinkeh, didn't I tell ya? So on these new (DN) Vogue Skin Demos - Cashmere apparently you can mod your pubic hair color to match the curtains/drapes/mini blinds/window tint/what-the-fook ever. Ummm but how? Say I wanted a pink muff, how the hell do I go about that? Appearance mode obviously but what sliders & where? Not that I need a pink muff, cause I shave & I'm no where near growing out of bounds but ummm... I'm a blogger & I have questions that need answers! Halp!

Lala's Wedding Tomorrow
After an 8 month engagement, we're ready eddy eddy! Rosie was last to get her bride's maid outfit so as soon as she did we went wild & crazy. "I will pea your cawk", I mean... huh? I am hoping to film but I'm not sure if I am that good of a multi-tasker like Phobos. I'll be playing the part of Maid of Honor, DJ & hopefully machinima'er (is that a word? It is now). We sorta kinda rehearsed tonight, okay so not really but I completely made out with Rosie & Lala. That's allowed, right? Well okay it wasn't full blown, shup! More like soft porn. It's all over our Zilla. Poor Lala kept crashing. :( No worries though, we are prepared and ready for this Casino wedding of the century!

Ladies Night of Mayhem
After we went over wedding stuffs it was time to break out of the secret identities and have some good old-fashioned toilet-papering good times. We were going to tp Truth Hawks' place but figured he'd have very little sense of humor (he apparently lost that months ago) lol. So we headed straight to Kaejo DaSilva's pad. We did our dirty work there til we ran out of prims. Then we planned a sneak attack on Zabitan Assia at his pad. At least they both laughed, sorta. We had fun and that matters the most. Haha! Sometimes Hawk's just shouldn't leave me alone with those three. :p
We tried to teleport Davo in for an ambush but meh. He refused to take the teleport. No fun, I tell ya, no fun. I did manage to get some good footage, I think. I'll mess with it tomorrow, err today, errr later. Jeepers! I'm thinking... POW! BAM! WHAM!
JellyBean Madison: did u have twinkies?
Laylah Mistral: banana ones
JellyBean Madison: lol
Laylah Mistral: no lie _ i really did have one
JellyBean Madison:
Laylah Mistral: Ok .. does this look super gay? I mean.. besides the fact that I am making out with Jelly.
JellyBean Madison: Oh my Gawd! that was NOT twinkie cream on the side of ur mouth!!!
UPDATE- Oh finished video:


Ann said...

Appearance>Skin>Skin Color...then fiddle with the Pigment, Ruddiness, and Wild sliders until you get a color you like. Remember though: pink muff=pink-tinted eyebrows. All the Vogue skins do this, so there's also a 1L notecard for sale at both Celestial Studios and ETD which gives you a bunch of color settings.

Killian Klein said...

Hahah we offically now know to much about your grooming habits