Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ready... Set... GO GO GO

Hawk's Tringo officially opened for business this week. I had been hosting a few games here and there as we got set up, but now we are rolling out the real deal by adding additional hosts. I was able to snag the cream of the crop from Bad Azz to come over to host, so at this point we have on the team:

Amanda Maersk, Heaven Larsen, Kala Wildcat, Snailhead Marathon, Kaisaa Kongo, and of course Dreamer Demontrond. There are few other people who have expressed interest, so we are well on our way to being able to provide some consistent Tringo action.

For the most part everything has gone very smooth, in the last 3 days we have racked up just under 5,000 in traffic, so that speaks to the size of crowds we have been having. There was one, ohhh minor inconvenience you might say... when a certain pink persona decided to deed the land over to the host group so that the land will show up for the hosts when posting the event. The only issue with this was that it dropped us from having a surplus of 1k prims to being over by about 1k prims. The system corrected for this overage by auto-returning a few small things like, say.... a few dance balls, several trees, all the bleachers the people were sitting on, and the entire floor of the place!! I hate to guess how many poor AV's lost their lives that day when taking the teleport button only to find themselves standing at 600M's up with no floor, at which point they promptly plummeted to their deaths. We are taking up a fund to set up a memorial to those poor unfortunate souls, who thought they were coming to enjoy a little Tringo, only to become so much pancake smatterings. Thank the powers that be that Aka was able to come quickly to the rescue and keep the body count at least minimal. Thanks again Aka!!

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♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

HAHAHA! I mean "oops!" again and I'm sorry many times over :)