Sunday, June 17, 2007

ODE to Caledon Butterfly Hunt

One SIM, 368 pieces of jewelry hidden in Butterflies. Grab your net - Find them all - Trade - Build a set.

In IBM SOA Adventure Island WebSphere, there are 388 pieces of jewelry hidden in butterflies. Three sets each: ODE Amber, ODE Amber and Crimson, ODE Amber and Emerald, ODE Amber and Rose, ODE Crimson and Golden, ODE Crimson and Scarlet, ODE Emerald and Rose, ODE in Navy, ODE in Navy and Emerald, ODE Navy and Crimson, ODE in Salmon and Pink, ODE Lavender and Rose, ODE In Twilight, ODE in Living Ivory and one set of ODE In Shade of Golden.

Each butterfly has one piece of jewelry (Necklace, Pendant, Brooch, Bracelet, Ring, Earring (L), Earring (R) or Hair piece. Catch as many butterflies as you can. Use them alone or trade with others and build a set.

This is a sneak peek of SOA Adventure Island - WebSphere which will officially open next week.The sim will only be open to Ode Butterfly Collectors, RC New Jewelry Hotline, SOA Land, Eightbar, Independent State of Caledon, Nicky Ree, and Ballroom Club groups. Join now.

There is also a collectors group called "Ode Butterfly Collectors" already started by Rhyme Gardner. It is her vision that people in the group can trade the bits and pieces they get of their sets to complete their collections. The group is open and free to join.

Hawks & I spent most of our morning scouring the sim. In the end we each found three. ODE Butterfly - Amber Bracelet, Hair Twilight, Necklace Amber, Necklace Crimson and Golden, Ring Lavender/Rose, and Hair Amber and Crimson. I am hoping in this Collectors group I can get someone willing to trade so that I can complete the Amber set. Wish me Gluck.

During our hunt we crawled on hands & knees peeking under bushes, dipped deep into a volcano, skimmed the beaches and landed ourselves in the most bizarre maze I have ever seen in SL. We battled monsters, ended up in hell, a repeating movie theater nightmare, caves & corridors. It was a lot of fun, even though we didn't find many, the maze is worth another look. I'll wait til the butterflies are gone. I have had my fill for a long time.

Kudos Anita Cassini & Random for a very nice hunt. :D

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