Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pressure Points

Grawr! Yah, it was okay timing, but shouldn't happen. Seriously Oceanic Time Warner (OTW) is pissing me off royally! These intermediate internet outages are starting to really make me wanna go nuts in their main offices on O'ahu. Take the television, not my net/phone! This is how it works.. I'm in the midst of something, I lose Yahoo, Skype & SL. So I pick up my phone & hit "talk", no dial tone? Yup, nets out... AGAIN! So I sit there hitting "end" and "talk" repeatedly until I hear a dial tone. Watching the cable modem lights & willing them to stay connected has proven unsuccessful. *fights urge to punch modem* Last time I called the recording informed me that my area of the island was having issues. That's loverly, FIX IT! Here it is days later & I'm still having issues. My first impulse was to reset modem but recording warned against doing it stating that by doing so, you may have to wait for a "scheduled technician to come out and restore service." Wtf!?! I pay my bill, now give me quality, good customer service, and make me happy damn it! *takes deep breath* I'm so lucky Hawks is a patient man. *tackle hugs & nose lick*

Group hugs are nice... Anywho, I'm out pretty much all day tomorrow to attend to the "End of the School Year" party thrown by my daughter in my backyard full of over-hormonal teens, screaming children, water balloon wars & stress overload. Wish me Gluck! Mwahs!
P.s. Baby - catch up... I'm out bloggin ya. :p

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