Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yada.. yada... yada

I'm super sleepy and going to bed, I swear. :) But... since I've had issues getting the JIS all in one spot, I'm doing quick update summary on wedding plans thus far. Obviously I cannot post a pic of my dress because Hawks would see it. :p I will say that I have picked it out & it is readily available in my invey. Huzzah! Also here are the bridal party dresses. (Yah, I don't dick around) Lmao

Akasha's Maid of Honor dress is the Keera in Clouds from LVS
Rosie & Lala's Bride's Maid dresses are the Keera in Rosepetals from LVS

Hawks & I spent time today sniffing out some tuxes for his side and after looking & looking, we were able to get some tips from the Second Style #8 now available! I think we know exactly what every one will be wearing.

Next is the build, it'll be at our home in Wildmutt. We have the idea, but our builder (Aka) was missing in action today. Haha! No worries, we've got plenty of time, sorta, I think, hell iunno. ROSIEEEEE!?!

Oh I put together a jazzy remix of some of our pics... Okay that's all for now. *hugs*


Akasha =^.^= said...

LOL well it's not like you can't call me ya know. :P Anywho.. I have tons o ideas n stuffs so there! :P Your the one who sleeps in, I mean really it's 4am and your not up? Gah! LOL

Akasha =^.^= said...

Oh and what happen to the hole "no more mush on my blog"? Hmmm I think that was thrown out the window. *mental image of jelly sneaking around and then all the sudden throwing something out the window* Yep I knew it wouldn't last LOL! Love ya Pookies!