Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Next Blogger Party - June 16th - Theme Selected

I finally got us added days ago to the Second Life Blogosphere - Zoe Connolly showcases the growing community of Second Life Blogs and Bloggers. Join our inworld group - Second Life Bloggers. Yet I haven't once seen one of our posts hit it. I'm tired of begging. LOL So anyways for all ya'll out there that don't care but blog & want to party, here's the 411 on the next "blogger" party.

Veyron Supercharge said:
By a 38% margin, the theme for the next party will be SciFi. Formal came in a close second at 31%. If you want to dress formal SciFi, that would be fine. :)

I'd like to start the party early and maybe go on for a while to better accommodate our European bloggers.... I'll get invites together and maybe a schedule.

Thanks everyone!


Wrath Paine said...

I am hoping this means you are planning on attending...? *g*

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Jeepers! Oh gosh! I don't know for sure, Hawks & I were just saying how we don't own anything sci-fi ish! LOL

A. Burgess said...

And you think we do? This is, once again, going to cause most of us to run around shopping, while the cooler heads ignore it entirely. (Not likely to be me.)

But, I won't continue to pester you and will tell Wrath to stop harassing you if you:

1) agree to show up with Hawks, regardless of attire, and

2) bring Laylah.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Hawks & I agree to show up & we'll have Lala gagged & tied in the trunk. You may have your way with her. Kidding. Wow it's like a potluck - and we get to bring the Lala.

Laylah said...

The lala can not come. I can't play on the weekends. -_- Next time plan something during the week. However, I would be willing to do a Mean Girls Meet and Greet some weekday if people really are interested in seeing us all in one place.

(Warning: Having all of the MGs in one place may cause grids to melt, cocks to stiffen, random dance vids, and hilarity to ensue.)