Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Introducing Animazoo animation centre - mocapped animations made for SL, AOs and tutorials. Omg! Rosie & I had fun there. Then came back to show Dreamer what we bought. :D I'm a complete animation fanatic so of course I went nuts. Best way to show ya is video... Enjoy!

There's so much more than what's shown in the actual video soooo...
Now click here & GO! GO! GO!

JellyBean Remix:
Animating for Second Life
Starting with natural human movement, Animazoo animation production techniques have been carefully developed to produce natural and realistic looking animations for your avatar.

What Animazoo offers
At Animazoo you'll find dances, walks and stands for male and female avis, AOs and more. In addition to their animations, they offer free animation overiders and tutorials for configuring your AO (including a video tutorial). There are also links and landmarks to other animation resources. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the freebies by the entrance!

Custom Animations
If you can’t find what you need they are happy to help with their custom animations service. Please IM Dave Bellman for more details.

Updates group
They update the range regularly, so make sure you come back to check out new arrivals. If you would like to receive notifications on updates to the range, just search for the 'Animazoo' group and join - membership is free!

If you have any suggestions or queries please IM Dave Bellman.


Orchid said...

Aww man I almost bought some of those anims the other day .. but I was low on cash (as usual - I blame the hubby) so PFFT.

Seriously though ... the hip hop dances are just uncoordinated enough towhere I can laugh at them and say "Dude - that's so me"

Alysha said...

OMG! I soooo need that Macarena dance....some SL god must have overheard me talking about it. Too freakin funny!

Elusyve said... make me laugh till I pee