Friday, July 6, 2007

Farking Noobs!

So I was screwing with voice beta tonight trying to help Haappy finger it out after Rosie soooo left me for sleep. *tear* Turns out my voice for some reason only works in Ahern. My gawd! I hate Ahern WA. I tried Imogen, and Zouk. In both sims my little voice ball above my head was absent. Anyone have any theories?
Anywho, farking idiots in Ahern. I really don't like being a bitch, but sheesh. I barely landed & boom! And he even had the nerve to re-im me!

Random Fucktard: hi baby
JellyBean Madison: I'm sorry you must have me confused with a girl that wants u
Random Fucktard: no no
Random Fucktard: how are u?
JellyBean Madison: my name is Jell not baby
Random Fucktard: sorry....
Random Fucktard: May I invite u to a new club?
JellyBean Madison: not really interested, it'd be a waste of both of our time if I pretended I was
Random Fucktard: thanks bye!
JellyBean Madison: take care
Random Fucktard: hi
JellyBean Madison: u already im'd me
JellyBean Madison: mayhaps you need a notepad to keep track?
Random Fucktard: eheh


Akasha =^.^= said...

LOL You always have so much fun with the random guys! I still haven't gotten that voice thing installed, let alone figured it out. I guess your going to have to show me sometime. Ooo yay!! role switch!! lol

tiana meriman said...

hehe you should have informed him he can write up notes in profiles on the last tab, maybe he can use that to put in all the random girls he flirts with.

or screaming: "omg a ageplayer! i'm broadly offended!" when he called you baby could have worked too :P

Alysha said...

I think if every woman in SL who has spent even 5 minutes of time on their av wrote one page on every newb that attempted to speak before thinking, it would be the world's largest coffee table book.

I personally would have hit him with a watermelon launcher. ;o) Very nicely handled Jellybean!