Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hip Hop Returns to SL

Jelly and I have now joined the Live Music Enthusiasts group, so as we dig through the 3 or 4 spams each and every hour we are starting to find some more acts out there that we were not picking up in the event listings. Some are not so hot (like a Latin Guy from Brazil we heard doing REM covers in an Irish pub *coughs only in SL*.) This is also how we happened across an interesting spam stating that Hip Hop Returns to SL, and we ended up going to hear Timid Worthington spit some original lyrics. He delivers a positive message in a strong format with a solid beat. As he said himself, he has kid friendly lyrics. In fact, his message touches on themes like rising above your situation, making the most of yourself, and overcoming racism. Although, we only caught the last few songs, I greatly appreciated his smooth delivery style, and we will look forward to tracking him down for a future show, so we can hear more off his upcoming new CD which he will be releasing soon. For more info, be sure to check out either Timid's myspace or personal web page.


tiana meriman said...

i should join that group too and i actually was in it for a while but all the notices and group chat just drives me insane :(

HawksRock said...

Yes tiana, it is a great group for live music, but I literally get one or two notices every single hour, including when I am offline. It is a new toy at this point, but at some point it will wear me down and I will leave it for a while. We are using it to try some new people that we haven't seen before. :)