Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pity does not encourage growth...

After a long morning of missing the hell outta Hawks, he finally logged in. Yay! Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Skimming events lead us to a Maximillion Kleene performance coming up & if you've read Hawk's post you'd know that Max is like our favorite Live Performer thus far. Consider me a little bias because Max is the only performer that I know that does the Bare Naked Ladies, Foo Fighters, and Blind Melon well. Okay mayhaps more than well. He is a more alternative, Jelly type of live performer. Anywho, I love Max yada yada yada, blah blah blah. This post isn't really about Max. :D

So we headed to the Sterling Vineyards to find a place early & plant our asses for Max's performance. We were early enough to catch Kim Seifert which can only be described as country gone wild? Okay mayhaps that's not it. There were some songs I enjoyed over others. Okay wait... there was only one I liked. She sang a country song "Red Neck Woman" which was a very good version of it yet she did seem to yell a lot. Then she completely killed "Before He Cheats" and "Black Velvet". I did love her voice but I don't think she's very suited to do covers. It's just my tastes I guess. I like covers to actually sound like the original artist. Don't try to make it your own if it completely kills it.

Next up was our Max. Wuwu! I have a few things to mention though besides the fact that I love him. He wasn't responding to my IMs for his entire 1 hour show when I requested songs, David embarrassed (haha) me & oh yah I tote loved his version of "No Rain". heh! I don't know what it is but Max just seems so down to earth and comfy. Even when he's just talking, he's not full of himself & it never sounds rehearsed. Yah, I know, I know. Ya'll get it already. :D I was wondering if he had like a fan group or something but couldn't find anything except the Live Music Enthusiasts group, hey! THATS ME! So I joined it. It says: Support live music performance in world. Announce performances with an advanced notice, and group chat just before show start. Only the SL Musician role may post notices, and please only announce your OWN shows. You must have played an SL gig to qualify as an SL Musician. ONLY live music may be announced on this group and please only announce an event ONCE, before the event starts. Dedicated rebroadcast of SL live shows may be announced as well.

After Max's performance we stayed for the next artist, Grateful Stryker. "Hi everyone ill be playing live at 7pm at Sterling Vineyards.. I cover NEIL YOUNG- BOB DYLAN -CAT STEVENS -THE EAGLES -THE BEATLES -THE GRATEFUL DEAD- THE EAGLES-LEONARD COHEN-THE WHO-DAN FOGELBERG-SOUL ASYLUM- BRAD PAISLEY- TIM MCGRAW CSNY-THE BAND- BOB SEGER And other including my own originals ...Come listen dance and relax". It could have been the fact that he said he had 11 beers before he went on, or it coulda been the way he tried to do weird things to songs or it coulda been the fact that his voice scared the bajeebus outta me. In either case, NO! NO! NO! I stayed for three songs before I was trying to claw my way outta there. I love the Eagles, the Beatles, some Grateful Dead, and all Soul Asylum but jeepers... this guy sounded like NONE. I cannot even put into words how bad he was. Seriously awful! I'm beginning to shake from the trauma just rehashing it. *runs away*

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