Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dutch Touch!!

Hahahaha! Booyah bitches! I found a store that I lerv before anyone else blogged it! Take that -backspace backspace backspace- *coughs* FASHIONISTAS! *victory dances & throws down her football for a touchdown* (Pictured above Akasha Nyak, Rosie Shark & JellyBean Madison wearing a Dutch Touch)

Okay just looket the pics and tell me that Iki Ikarus isn't going places...

CamOlis L245

Iris L295

StripeANDprint L175

Here's how you get there (I bought the whole store :p and licked everything)
iki's Dutch Touch Shop at Beach , Willow Beach

EDIT: Okay I wasn't the first to blog her, she says that she was blogged over at Appearance Mode. I'm guessing I must of missed it in all the clutter & post burying over there. *sigh* BUT HUZZAH I BLOGGED IT TOO!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i really really love that store!!!!
iki keep up the good work hun :D

a lick from iris