Monday, July 2, 2007

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.

I need to get out more... Mayhaps meet & mingle with the "outsiders". I realized this a.m. that waking up to no Hawks, uhhh only like tote sucked 18 inch wet green dripping donkey dicks. And by that I mean, I miss you!
*backs up, crouches down, wiggles her butt & pounces Aka & Rosie*
So really, I've done what today? Oh erm, not much. Did the MGG2SL stuffies (i.e Beefcake, blawg to watch), gave Rosie stuff she needed and played tringo. It's off to a fabulous start.
Good news is no crazy alts have im'd me to ask about an ex's infidelities for 2 days. Ha! And that's the TRUTH! Roflmfao!
Happy Monday one & all!

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tiana meriman said...

if you ever get bored again jelly, im me and we can stop plotting our conquest of the world like we talked about last time :P