Friday, July 6, 2007

How to be neighborly...

In my quest to buy up all of Wildmutt, I was too slow on the SouthEast side and we ended up with a new neighbor, Kryss Robbiani. He bought up the 1536 sqm that I had my eye on. I figured I might as well be nice as he had no idea of my plans of Wildmutt domination when he purchased his plot. So just like the neighbors in the past, I baked him cookies sprinkled with wub and minus the mean message. I carried them over & introduced myself. He's nice though his english seems fairly limited. His build isn't so bad either to be against our garden. Thank goodness graciousness!

In return he gave us a potted Wisteria Sinensis - Lilac Blue - ball topiary1 from the Heart Garden Centre. That was sweet of him. I think he'll be one of those hassle free, quiet neighbors. Hopefully he can handle one of our tank wars or wandie drops. Hell, he may even get an invite. :D
See, I am not really a bitch like some people accuse me of. I am sweet with a hard sugar coating. XD

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