Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jelly's Closet - Streetwear

Okay a little this & a little that...

Hair: ETD Felicia - Pink Blackened (flexi)
Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Vogue Skin - Amber (Brown - Mid) Freckled
Eye Bandaide: *HoP* Oopsie Daisy (hearts pack)
Necklaces: ::Goth1c0:: Heart-breaker necklace Small size (worn on spine) and SiniStyle Custom Dog Tags (Hawks n Jells) (worn on chest) Yah, I modded the attachment points on one, can't remmy which.
Bracelets: SiniStyle Seraphim Bracelet L (1 color)
Ring: My Wedding Set (it's original so back off) :p
Top: Numinous - Spay or Neuter Your Neko shirt
Tattoo: InkD! Tattoos - Custom "Hawks" Tat
Shorts: Dutch Touch - Shorts jeans
Belt: Angry Monkey - Dynamite&Whiskey[Brown Belt]
BandAid (knee): PanJen - Band Aid & Graze set (comes as two textures, you put on your own layer)
Boots: Jeepers Creepers - RadioActive Silver Boots
Poses: Animazoo animations - female idle 7 and Reel Movement - *Luth* Funky 4
Photo Location: The Block - FORM Desert Moon Miau Haus GearShift Artilleri more

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