Friday, July 13, 2007

Junkyard Queen

First let me start with @$#!&*%$ *&%$@!$% at LL for ganking my WindLight. Fucking batages! *flips off LL and walks away to continue post* Okay breath Jell, breath.

This morning I logged on to a completely random IM from Torrid Midnight directing me to a little shop in Grossglockner called Killbillys. This guy (GutterBlood Spoonhammer) makes some seriously sick boots, they're not made for women but they're really not too big that girls can't get by with it and they *are* mod. She thought it might be something I'd be interested in. There's a shop in the sim too by Nerolus Mosienko and lilsparkles Sprawl.

I've been a fan of GutterBlood's since I met him in the Wastelands infancy stages. He does have some killer boots. Here's an example of loving what you don't understand. I love Post Apocalyptic themed sims and clothing. I don't get it but I love it. I didn't see any boots at his store that I didn't already own or want. So I decided to explore the area.

I found other small shops but it wasn't anything I myself would want to buy. It was metal face masks, etc. They were awesome quality & I admire the prim manipulation, but Krius Misfit of Sinistyle is my dealer for that type of stuff.

Another store caught my eye called Homicide Designs. This is the store owned by Nerolus Mosienko and lilsparkles Sprawl. The build alone is uberly impressive. Located inside this broken down, beat up warehouse are a collection of guest designers of post apocalyptic, gorey & and out-of-the-norm stuffies. The Junkyard Queen Set (pictured above) was purchased in HD and created by Loch Newchurch of Paper Street Soap co. . Other designers besides Paper Street, on site are Hitaroki Nakamura of Nakamura Industries, Arken Soothsayer of -Super Possessed-, Feri Beckenbauer of Beckenbauer Productions (oi!!! I couldn't resist), and of course the owners of Homicide Designs Nerolus Mosienko and his partner lilsparklez Sprawl.

I know I gave slurl links to all the designers main stores but you could just go to Homicide & get "More Trash for Less Cash" all in one place. :p (Someone had too much Dew & not enough Hawks time).

The Female DeadDuster-Dirty (pictured right) is what I bought from Homicide and I love it. It also comes in a bloody version & regular. I chose dirty cause I was so feelin it. :D
Junkyard Queen & Dead Duster pics taken at the Junkyard sim

This has been a Jelly advertisement, not a review so don't jump my shit for how I wrote it. kkthnxbai

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