Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looking Forward...

Sometimes you meet people in your SLife that make a huge impact on you and other times you wish you hadn't met some at all. Right now I'm dealing with the latter. This post isn't about that cause honestly it's not worth my keystrokes.

On to one that made an impact on my SLife. I know I've said it in the past and it's been awhile since I've mentioned it again so deal, I MISS STARAX! Starax Statosky was an amazing person & though his disappearance was shrouded with mystery, conspiracy theories, and pain, I don't think he knew how important a lot of us feel he is/was. He began SL back in December of 2003, months prior to me, and in his short slifetime he touched so many people. A true eccentric in my opinion and one of the greatest scripters ever known in SL. He was intelligent, warm hearted & very witty. There wasn't a time that I ever stood in the same sim with him but got to know him through IMs. At one point my JellyBean account was shut off & I couldn't log her in (long story) and he actually realized I was missing. He contacted Akasha to find me on my alt, Vanessa Moonlight...

Starax Statosky: you can't escape my wand
Vanessa Moonlight: Haha!
Starax Statosky: you could even go playing WoW and it'd come after you

I've been a proud Wand owner since Dec 2005 with the Starax's Magic Wand - V1.79, and updated it throughout the months up to Starax's Magic Wand - V2.26+ (my last update July of 2006). It is one of my most prized possessions in my inventory and at one point the only thing that held me back from deleting my account.

This morning I read a post called Let's Get Small - and Greenie by Tenshi Vielle in the SecondLife Herald. Could the rumors be true? Is Starax back? I sure hope so, SL could really use some of his sunshine. :)

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