Sunday, July 15, 2007

If there's something strange, in your neighborhood...

Oh I am so loading this song in queue... *one second please*

Okay... I ain't afraid of no ghost! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Owww! So today Hawks & I went exploring when we saw not one but three Ghostbusters! :o No way! Shut up!! I had to have it, I mean I *need* WANT! So I found out who the creator was & whoooshed to her shop. Her name is Dazzo Street and her store is ad infinitum - Mandalorian Armor, VF-1 Valkyrie, guns, ships, speeders a more!

Now let me tell you what makes this outfit more than just meets the eye.... It's interactive! Oh yesh! Now you too can join the team of Dr. Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler & Winston Zeddemore (minus the Ecto 1 - damn that was a sweet car) fighting your very own ghosts. Oh yes... it includes all sorts of nifty gadgets & gizmos along with ghosts to zap that resemble Slimer. Not only can you zap em but you can tote catch them too.

What to Expect
-This avatar comes with the following
Modifiable prim combat boots
Modifiable jumpsuit
Modifiable belt, straps and elbowpads
PKE meter
Proton Pack
Particle gun
Ecto Goggles
Nametag Texture

- The Ghostbusters Avatar is sold as nomod/copy/notransfer
(with the exception of certain modifiable clothing parts listed below).
They wanted to give Ghostbuster owners the ability to make back-ups.

You're not just getting a Ghostbuster Avatar: you're getting our guarantee to excellance.
For this reason, they cannot offer refunds. If you wish to purchase it as a gift, please contact Dazzo Street directly. Dazzo Street will be glad to deliver a Ghostbuster Avatar upon receipt of payment to a recipient of your choice.
- Artificial Intelligent Ghosts, with Ghost-Like Movement.
- Over 20 sounds created specifically for this avatar.
- Included full perm name tag texture for use with the jacket layer. Add your own name to your uniform.
- Both female and male avatars come in one package. Got a sex change? no problem!
- Clothing, Boots, Belt, Backpack straps, and Elbow pads all come with modify, copy, No Transfer permissions so that size changes / modifications can be made.

Hawks & I had fun with this... jokes of crossing the streams did catch areas of the loft on fire but they were quickly put out. Thanks Dazzo for a wonderful creation worth hours of fun! :D

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