Monday, July 16, 2007

Fairy Tales

Who doesn't love a good fairytale with a happy ending? Yup this is a mushy post, fucking deal it could have a point. Even a blind man on the moon could see how hopelessly devoted I am to Hawks. He is my slife, and everything I've ever wanted & searched for in SL. I couldn't be a happier JellyBean. *stop gagging Rosie, passes bag to Aka* We share so many things beyond inworld time, from the JH Report, our Verbal Stew, JH Radio, Skype etc etc. The phrase, "Where have you been all my SLife?" comes to mind. There's really no real reason for this post other than stating the obvious & cheering to myself about a new liberation that I feel. Out with the bad in with the good.

Some people can feel like fairy tales, that young in slove feeling, butterflies in the tummy, complete with feelings of being twitterpatted. Don't be fooled by the first fairytale to walk into your slife. They're not ALL perfect. In the end, true colors tend to bleed through. I am thankful everyday for finally finding my true once in a slifetime. Mwah baby!
The End

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HawksRock said...

Mwah, kisses you all over. To borrow from a popular phrase, it takes two to tango, so in order to have a fairytale it takes two very strong leading roles. One a celebrity of epic proportions (both aesthetically and figuratively) and one down to earth just sort of average dude who grabs onto the tail of that star and gives it a big ole tug. I am loving the ride we are on, and still have that seatbelt buckled down tight. <3