Monday, July 16, 2007

Shout Out to Garbage Prototype

Appearance Mode has undergone some serious revampage. I had no idea until Orchid lead me there last night. I had actually stopped reading it because it became more like work than casual reading. I have to honestly say though that I am loving this new look and blog format. Since Garbage gave me a shoutout, I figured it's only fitting for me to return one & rave since *I* do love it.

Appearance Mode was born in November of 2006 by Garbage Prototype and Six Kennedy. It first started with many great writers such as JellyBean Madison and Sasy Scarborough, along with a huge team of writers most of us have gone our separate ways and now we're a smaller community blogging out favorite items I hope you like reading and if you have any questions or comments please contact Garbage Prototype.

I did go my separate way and teamed up with Rosie Shark (also a former AM writer) in creating Mean Girls Guide to SL as well as keeping up my over-bloggitis here on Verbal Stew. Trust me, it was best rather than over blogging on one of those blogs (AM and/or MGG2SL) to do it on my own. :)

Good Luck to the newish team of AM writers: Garbage Prototype, Kara Eagle, and Camie Cooper. I look forward to reading your posts. :)

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