Monday, July 16, 2007

July Blogger Party Yesterday

(Picture from Looker Lumet's Flickr)
Yesterday the loverly dinee Ghia hosted the 2nd Monthly Blogger party that Hawks & I have attended. The theme was pirates (Mmm yummy pirates). I believe Hawks & I were the only two pirates that didn't go to Bare Rose. :p Just kidding, in actuality we're the only ones to go to Rebel Hope. :) There were so many bloggers, some of which I had never met before, and some I only knew of from their blogs. Dinee's house was beautiful and held everyone nicely. We did happen to crash the sim, but that's just a sign of a kick-ass shindig.

Unfortunately Hawks & I were semi-afk'ish for most of the event. We have A.D.D but promise we won't be at next month's August Blogger Party as we are hosting it at our place. When we know more, you'll know more. :D

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