Tuesday, July 17, 2007

After Hour Bloggers

So thanks to my informer, Wrath Paine (song at bottom just for you)... I was able to catch a clubtastical, live spinnin, after hours blogger party with Hawks at Clockwork [SLurl], Mainline Philadelphia, Topgol! Wuwu! Not only that but I got to bring Aka & Rosie too. Eventually later Laylah showed as we were heading out. Represent girlfriend.

It was so nice to see the bloggers that I am slowly but surely beginning to know & love so much, letting down their hair & wow the street clothes. I had a fashiongasm. There was more style in this room than all over some of the top rated fashion blogs. Thanks for the invite, it was a blast!

(Copied over from (n)eXt by Alexander Burgess on M is for Myg)

First set: Monday, 7/16/07

This Monday the soundscape is wide open, covering everything from the latest indie rock to the glitchiest idm, electroclash to blog rock, postrock soundscapes and digital tweaking, songs you can dance to, thrash to, smoke hash to. Songs you’ll be humming for days. This is where you’ll get what you need. Line up and let Chef keTchUp feed you one hour of superfresh sonic treats for your hungry ears. New songs in every set, no repeats. Dance your av off and get in on some friendly conversation with the similarly obsessed. And for those of you who live in European time zones or just plain miss it, the sets will be available as downloadable podcasts right here on Tuesday mornings.

So consider this the formal announcement of the opening of Clockwork. The schedule is still in flux but it’s time to be spinning. Expect a smorgasbord of delicious sets by a select group of djs building the reputation of the tastemaking leviathan that Clockwork promises to be.

And if that wasn’t enough, this Monday 7/16 will include a special A-list party (everyone’s invited) to celebrate the Season 2 premiere of Met a Stranger. Be sure to catch the first episode Monday right here on M is for Myg!


Alex Burgess said...

Thanks for being there, Jelly--it's always great to see you and Hawks, and it was a treat to see the Mean Girls out in force last night!

Wrath said...

Ack! You did not just go there - Informer by Snow, lol!! You kill me, Jelly :-)

And to think, all this time I thought the Mean Girls® were just an invisible writing collective - a mythical force to be reckoned with to be sure, but not one that actually traveled in a pack wreaking havoc in their wake.

I wouldn't think they were allowed to be seen in public all together at the same time in the same location - what if there was an SL catastrophe - the world couldn't afford to lose all the Mean Girls® at once!!

So then I guess it's not true when you guys go out partying that you keep Rosie locked up in a basement somewhere for safekeeping should the others meet an uncertain fate? ;-)

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