Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MGG2SL Photo Shoot - The Lost Transcripts

Some of this was just too funny not to post. Now for some background, all 5 MGs (Rosie, Aka, Laylah, Orchid & myself) naked in one spot posing for a MGG2SL ad. Please feel free to take this out of context. :p

Laylah Mistral: Ok.. I say... Surround us by.. trees or something.
Orchid Glitterbuck: oh oh fish tank with a floating diver dude!
Akasha Nyak: lmao
Laylah Mistral: lol
Orchid Glitterbuck: rofl
Rosie Shark: lol
Jon Desmoulins shouts: trees? now that's come lesbian adam/eve shit
Orchid Glitterbuck: and i will give Ariel a golden shower!
Orchid Glitterbuck: then aka can stab her

Rosie Shark: oooo i see orchid pubes!
You: LOL
Laylah Mistral: lol
Laylah Mistral: Right on top of your head too, Rosie.
Orchid Glitterbuck: i combed them just for you Rosie
Rosie Shark: woo short and nappies for my short and nappies
Orchid Glitterbuck: and i'm too fat for this pose lol my arm is goin thru my tits
Laylah Mistral: lol
Orchid Glitterbuck: lol
Laylah Mistral: Yeah, my tits were too big for it.
Orchid Glitterbuck: rofl I need to name this as a disease, like 'arm eating tit disease'
Rosie Shark: handthrutititis?
Orchid Glitterbuck: yes!
Laylah Mistral: Armmaries.
Orchid Glitterbuck: i see noob chicks with it all the time lol
Laylah Mistral: Small titted girls must use the balls laid out for them and stop hogging the chubby-chick poses.
Rosie Shark: lol i don't have small tits tho! :P

Laylah Mistral: Rosie is looking at me...
Orchid Glitterbuck: roffle
You: lol
Orchid Glitterbuck: bet she's beating off too
Laylah Mistral: Like she is going to smack me with her Armmaries.
Orchid Glitterbuck: lolll
Rosie Shark: checkin out ur bewbs

You: I like being naked
Laylah Mistral: I know.
You: and I like Akasha saying Yay I Like Penis
Akasha Nyak: sooo not suprised! lol!
Laylah Mistral: You slut.
Akasha Nyak: lmao
Laylah Mistral: lol
Akasha Nyak: Yay!
Akasha Nyak: I like penis!

You: Oh my tongue is pointy
Laylah Mistral: lol
JellyBean Madison could do damage
Laylah Mistral: Jelleh will stab you with her tongue!
Rosie Shark: lol
Laylah Mistral: She's as bad as Aka now.
Akasha Nyak: lmao


Wrath said...

Thank you for posting that transcript. Before I read it, I was all thinking that five nekkid chicks standing around would just end up talking about going clothes shopping. ;-)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Are you kidding me? Haha We don't do fashion, fashion wants to do us. :p